Find out what you really need to know to practice consumer bankruptcy

Learn all the techniques to build a thriving and respected bankruptcy practice:


Understand Every Client Option

The bankruptcy practice is much more than just collecting information and filling in forms. COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY digs deep. All in one solution.


Justify Higher Fees

COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY shows you how to easily understand the bankruptcy marketplace and how to add value to capture MUCH higher fees than the competition.

Save Money and Time

Comprehensive forms for every situation in Chapters 7 and 13. Tested for success.

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These are some of the benefits of this course:

Build trust with the client by offering options other lawyers won't. More trust leads to more referrals.


Understand how to entice clients to WANT to leave you five star reviews.

Learn the systems that can automate your practice and drastically reduce time spent managing bankruptcies.

Don't be left behind from the expected tsunami of bankruptcy cases:

"I anticipate that in about 90 days or so, when things start going back to normal, people are going to need help.” – Chapter 13 trustee

Ronald Drescher has been on the cutting edge of bankruptcy practice for 35 years. He brings all of the strategies, tactics, and upsells he has learned and developed into this comprehensive course that will save you hours of trial and error and help you capture fees you may otherwise leave on the table.

Benefit One

Learn the timing strategies that bring clients maximum relief and inspire intense customer loyalty.

Benefit Two

Understand the bankruptcy workflows to save you time and money.

Benefit Three

Discover the hidden secrets to help your client avoid the rigid payment plans in Chapter 13.

Benefit Four

Build trust with clients by offering every option and helping them avoid the landmines from premature filings.

Benefit Five

EXCLUSIVE access to Ron Drescher's COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY Mastermind to learn techniques from bankruptcy lawyers around the country.

Benefit Six

Save time by quickly identifying clients you can't help.

Help Clients Overcome Fear Of Bankruptcy

This is one of dozens of videos offering practical guidance to get your bankruptcy practice running at full speed.

Gain Access To Our Library Of Content

Forms, Letters, Blogs, Faqs, Infographics

all included in the course.


Ron Drescher has been a godsend for my bankruptcy practice. I purchased his Complete Bankruptcy program to help me get my own practice started and he provided so much valuable information that I decided to join his Mastermind group. I have been a member of his Mastermind for over 2 years (I think I was in his inaugural group) and there are no words to describe the immense help he has been with my practice. Ron has extensive bankruptcy expertise and he does not hold anything back. He shares all of his knowledge, experience and expertise. He is always available to answer all of your questions and even shares his forms, motions and bankruptcy practice best tips to help you grow your practice efficiently and effectively. Whether you are an experienced attorney or just starting your bankruptcy practice, I highly recommend purchasing and participating in his programs. The value of the information you get out of his programs are definitely worth the investment.   

-Attorney Flor Tataje


Ron's program is absolutely fantastic. I have been practicing bankruptcy for a few years, but Ron brings up different ideas and suggestions that I never thought of before and I'm learning something new almost daily in his videos. I'm extremely happy with the course and Ron's knowledge. He really breaks down some of the more complicated topics and makes it easy to understand and use in my client meetings. Thank you, Ron for putting this together for us. I could not be happier.

–Attorney Aron Szabo

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers

How does it work?

The course is set up as a multimedia platform of video, audio and PDFs. Comprehensive forms are included in MS Word format. We offer a 10 day money back guaranty. PLUS NextChapter Bankruptcy will provide special introductory offers EXCLUSIVE to participants in the COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY program.

Will COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY allow me to start filing cases immediately?

YES. With the comprehensive materials you will receive two months free of the COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY MASTERMIND, which brings unlimited email access to Ron Drescher, the author of the materials. He will help you understand the course and answer any of your client related questions. Lawyers are thrilled with the highly responsive answers to their questions.

What systems are included?

Included in COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY are systems for scheduling; reminders; comprehensive forms and letters; obtaining client reviews; onboarding and workflows and much more. There is simply no other bankruptcy practice course like this.

How will COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY save me time and money?

Ron Drescher compiles the systems, business methods, and substantive strategies he's developed over 35 years in the bankruptcy world. Most lawyers leave money on the table by not including all possible client options and upsells. Ron will teach all of these to you.

Don't Let the Wave of Bankruptcies

Pass You By

Bankruptcy will be the only practical solution to resolve the issues facing millions of Americans. Law firms all over the country are gearing up for the expected surge in filings once the stays have ended . Don't be left behind. COMPLETE BANKRUPTCY will give you all the tools you need to be front and center in the wave of bankruptcies to come.